Club History

In the mid 1950’s on a 5-acre block at the back of Cedric Hore’s mixed business in Lambeth Street Panania, a sporting group was formed for the purpose of playing darts. The price for the buying of the land was either $6000 or $7000 according to our research.

Formed by Cedric, along with some fellow English Ex-Servicemen the Dart’s players would gather Sunday morning for a “get-together” over a keg of beer or two, In turn attracting other thirsty locals.

The crowds got so large that neighbours would complain of the noise, so the 2 ancient poker machines in the corner would have to be banned, otherwise the kegs of beer would also have to cease.

Because of this “dire threat”, an emergency meeting was held and a Darts & Social Club be formed, obtain a licence and thus have legal kegs and poker machines.

The Licensing Sergeant was sympathetic but held out no hope for allowing a Darts Club to hold a licence. Preparatory work was made and a green put in place, as well as a new Club be built. The official opening day of the greens was 11th March 1962 at 2pm, the second green’s official opening day was 14th June, 1964, and Club Picnic Point was on its way.
We always strive to move the Club forward in a positive way- but we still need to remember the past and where we came from.

Here are some snippets of our clubs rich history –

Special mentions to Rosemary O’Brien, who played for Picnic Point and reached great heights in the sport of Lawn Bowls, going as far as the Commonwealth games.

Also her Excellency Marie Bashir’s visit to the venue in March 2008.

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